First of all, I need to say something.

The questions I am going to ask next are the ones you'll ask to your own heart. All the other responsibilities are out of this place.

Reading this, you are only responsible to your heart.

The heart is the home of the soul... Our soul speaks from the heart.

Our soul is not something caged in our skull. Our soul is actually a part of us where we feel our connection with the creator and universe. It is also our essence which is worn by our body until the time comes. Therefore, when the soul called, one should listen.

Most of the time our soul reflects our needs and reminds us the real way. Thus, you should search for the voice of the soul with a flashlight just like you are looking for something lost. And once found out, you should give an ear to that voice. Of course, It may take some time to find out where the voice comes from. It is necessary to try willingly, patiently, consistently, and also be hopeful. Because, this voice is not far away or hidden behind the degrees, certificates, screens, or crowds. The body is one of the exalted mediators.

How about listening to your body today?

Listen and express. What is your body telling you?

What does your heart desire?

Why is your stomach feeling congested?

What do your feet want to do?

Where do your hands want to be placed? What do they want to mediate?

Are you gritting your teeth?

Does your throat feel dense? What does stick in your throat?

Where is your head? Are you feeling it heavily? If so, where is your body?

Where is your rib cage? Where is your femur that carries and refreshes you?

If you were a feather, how would you float? Where would you land? Would you feel lighter?

Get lighter...

Yes, like that...

Then stop there and float again. If there is enough place, release. If you want to do so.

Now, ask to your heart: "What are my sources?" Think about this question for a while.

For what purposes do you use your sources?

Which one is your eternal source?


Now, pay attention to your body.

Feel your whole body starting from your feet.

Then pay attention to your breath. Now, ask your breath: "What do I need?"

Think about this question for a while.

What are your needs? How do they find an expression in your life?

If you were to remember them from the beginning, what would you say?


Now, stand in front of a mirror.

Look into your own eyes and express your gratitude by saying thank you to yourself for all the things you have until today.

You are here now.

If you remember all the things that happened until now, you may also remember the things that couldn't find a chance to happen or the ones missing; If they all want to express themselves in your body, let them do what they want.

If your eyes fill with tears, shed your tears.

If you are tired, take a rest.

If you want to smile, smile while looking into your own eyes at the mirror. Have a huge smile.

Hug yourself. Embrace all the things taking place now.

Now, at this very moment... Your body and soul are a whole, together with the breath standing by your side during the time you are on earth.

Remember the wholeness. Your source is within you.

Say "Hello" to your breath. Watch your breath. Trust your breath. Your breath has always been with you. Your breath is a part of you that always accompanying your journey.

Call your body to take a flowing and easy breath. Not because your breath is separated from you but because it is yours.

Together with your breath, you are in the best place to celebrate life and being alive. This is the best time to do it.

Because the best time is now!

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